Enter Windows Product Key and Activate Windows

Enter Windows product key to activate windows in your devices. This is the smartest way to install any version of windows. Mircrosoft has launched so many applications to increase the productivity and it pays attention to build the best applications for digital mediums like computers, laptops and mobile phones. Microsoft’s products have become the primary choice of users.

Windows 10 is one of the latest innovations of Microsoft and this version consists unlimited astonishing features with high quality of advancement.

Windows 10 would be the last version of windows series. After launching this version Microsoft announced that they would pay attention on the betterment of this application. Now they will work on updating the features under the semblance of software update. Are you trying to activating windows 10, but not able to do? Then follow the simplest method-

Why you need Windows Product Key?

Windows Product key is the primary and necessary element to activate windows. When you install any version of windows, you may ask to insert Windows Product Key. There are many reasons, few are mentioned below:
• It is annoying to see a message of Activation again and again and if you have activation key then you won’t get bother for this message
• You need to have activation key in order to enjoy all features
• Sometimes, a theme doesn’t work in Windows 10
Now if you want to activate windows in your systems, then follow the below mentioned space. Activating window 10 is not a burdensome task. You can activate it by entering 25 digit product key.

Steps to Activate Windows

1. First close the applications which are running in the background of your system.
2. After closing your application, now click on the Start button and open the Run app
3. Now you will get a dialogue box with a text box
4. Enter the required text there
5. The activation window will open and you will be asked to enter a 25 digit Windows product key
6. After entering the key, your system will automatically activate the windows

Advantages of having Windows

These are some advantages you get with windows activation
• The high end security: upgrading to windows 10 will give you new security features like Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello.
• The high range speed: Your pc’s speed will improve automatically with the up gradation of windows. This version of windows will rationalize the start-up experience, it cuts down the startup process and time.
• The high quality usability: You will get more intriguing user interface with the latest update of windows 10.